Hi there, my name is Paul Hope. Keeping my family and home safe is important to me. With that in mind I’ve been looking at home security systems.  And like most people I went online. There is a lot of information about it all but it’s all over the place.

It does take quite a bit of time trying to find out what is needed – First there’s understanding what’s needed. Next up was looking at the ratings and reviews of products and then weighing it all up. The information is all there but you do have to go digging for it.

Anyway, I thought it would be useful to others to write it down all I’ve discovered while I research. On this site I intend to cover the various options you have to secure your home, my product research and security tips I find out.

I hope you find this site a place where you get the information you need when you’re deciding to protect your home and it helps you to have “peace of house.”