home security systems reviewsHi and welcome. I’m glad you found your way here.

I set this site up to help you choose the right DIY home security system for you to protect your home, family and valuables after doing loads of research into each system.

There are plenty out there and more on the way making it difficult to know which one is best for your circumstances and budget.

Some of the security companies don’t help the situation with the sales tactics they use.

Some have cameras, some you can monitor with a smartphone, some only work if you pay a monthly fee and the list of differences continues.

To help in clearing up the confusion that can come from all these choices and the jargon used the reviews on this site are comprehensive and unbiased. They are written after many hours of research and investigation.

As well as the detailed reviews there are thorough comparisons of features, costs and benefits of the different systems. Also there are articles to assist you on how to decide on the requirements of the best system for you and explanations of important home security ideas and terms.

The Home Security Systems Reviews

The reviews here are written only after the systems have been put through a rigorous investigation process. There are many different sources looked at to find out everything there is to know on the important aspects of the systems.

Customer reviews are looked at around the internet, the manufacturers site and FAQs are read, specifications and product manuals are read too, so that the systems are fully understood and to know as much as possible about each of the system reviewed. If there is something that needs clarifying, then the manufacturer is contacted to get a better understanding of the features. The reviews cover both the good and bad points so as to give a fair opinion of the system while providing all the information needed to help save you time in doing your own research and to help you in your buying decision.

The current top recommended DIY wireless home security systems:

1. Fortress Security Store GSM-B

2. Skylink SC-1000

3. Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

You can find our recommendations for apartments here: top rated home security systems for apartments

Our current top surveillance security system is the Lorex LW2731

If there is a security system we haven’t checked out and you’d like to see a review of, please let us know in the comments or send us an email using our contact page. The models looked at so far are fromĀ  Fortress Security Store, Simplisafe, Frontpoint, Scout, PiSector, iSmartAlarm,SmartThings, Mace, GE Personal Security, Honeywell, Skylink, Zmodo and Lorex.

What Is Reviewed?

Each system is reviewed against a set of criteria to see how they match up and this makes them easier to compare. The areas that are looked at:

How easy are they to install and set up>

How reliable are they?

Can you remotely monitor and what can you monitor?

How do they notify you and is it reliable?

What components are included in the kit and what do they do and how well do they do it?

How flexible and portable are they?

How good is their customer support – when can you talk to them and are they responsive?

Do you have to sign a contract and/or pay a monthly fee and if so how easy it is to cancel?

Are there any precautions against disabling the system?

How easy is it to activate the alarm if there is an intruder in the house and is there any way of notifying people monitoring the system that you may have been forced to disarm the system

Comparing Home Security Systems

Sometimes you may have more than one system you are interested in buying. To help with this there is a comparison table that compares features and ratings for all the systems that have been reviewed to date.

You can sort by feature to narrow down your search to those features you are interested in. There is a link to our review of the system included so you can quickly check the system out in detail and see if the one with the most components is really the best deal after all or the one that you can use your smartphone to monitor the system is better and more.

The features included in the table are the ones that are considered the most important. If you are interested in a system not covered you could get this information about the system and see how it stacks up against the ones included in the table.

You can find the table here: Compare Home Security Systems

As well as the table we have done a number of detailed side by side comparisons of popular models from different manufacturers like Frontpoint and Simplisafe, Fortress and Simplisafe, PiSector and Fortress, Smarthings against Simplisafe and Smartthings vs iSmartAlarm – these comparisons include features, upfront costs and ongoing costs so you know what you are getting and what the total cost is likely to be. You can find these comparisons in the buying guide section.

Educate and Inform Buyers

As well as reviews there is buying advice on what to consider when buying a home security system. The systems do have different features and there are terms used in describing them that not everyone is familiar with.

The questions and areas covered are:

What is the difference between monitored and unmonitored system?

How to decide what components and features are required to secure your home

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless system vs a wired system?

What are alarm zones used for?

How do home security systems work and can they protect your home?

What are the different ways systems can be monitored and send out notifications and what are the benefits and disadvantages?

These questions and common misconceptions and others are covered in the buying guide section to get you fully up to speed with all the options. You can find them here: Buying Guides

A DIY home security system can be a good way to get good security coverage without the cost of installation and to avoid being tied into a long expensive monitoring contract. But you do need to ensure you are prepared to self-monitor and that the system you buy can be relied on when you need it.

I hope you find the home security systems reviews on the site useful and they give you everything you need to make the right decision for protecting your family, home and valuables for your budget.