The Schlage Connect is a keyless door entry deadbolt designed for better home door security and convenience.

It has a number of great features like a touchscreen number pad, a tamper alarm, autolock and the capability of being monitored and controlled by your smartphone wherever you are.
In our review we look at each of the features to see how they measure up to give you a lock you can rely on when you need it to keep secure and also help in managing your life easier in managing your home(s).

It comes in 2 different styles – Camelot and Century as well as 6 different colors which should help in finding one that looks good and matches your door color, decor and personal preferences.

We’ve spent a number of hours checking the specifications out online and reading through the manuals and checking out what customer reviews have to say to be able to provide you with an in depth independent review that examines the lock thoroughly.
It gives you all you need to know in deciding if it is the smart lock for you.

First up we look at what the requirements are to use it and how easy it is to install.

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The lock replaces your existing deadbolt or other lock (unlike the August Smart Lock which works with an existing single deadlock hardware). Even so the installation is straightforward.

It works with both left and right opening doors. The lock determines this itself once installed and you do not have to do anything. If it doesn’t work as expected you may need to do a factory reset which is described in the operating manual.

It works with single residential doors of a thickness between 1-3/8” to 1-3/4” (35mm-44mm) as standard. It can be fitted to thicker doors between 1 7/16″ and 2 1/4″ by using the Thick Door Kit that needs to be purchased separately and need to contact Schlage. You need to do this if your door is narrower than 1 3/8 inches too. It basically fits where a typical lockset would fit.

You don’t need the internet or a Home automation (Z-wave only) hub to install or it use the lock as a standalone deadbolt lock with a keypad.

Hwever, you can’t control or monitor your lock remotely. You can set this up later if you want.

To complete the installation you need a Phillips screwdriver and maybe a tape measure, flathead screwdriver, pencil, woodblock and a hammer. The installation manual and video go through the process step by step and most people should be able to complete the installation in less than an hour as long as your door meets the thickness requirements and there is at least 5 inches between the center for deadbolt hole in the door edge and the center of any other door latch below the deadbolt.

Your door also needs to close securely already without having to be jiggled or needing it to be pulled up or down otherwise the deadbolt won’t shut and at best may use up your battery quickly and worse it just won’t work until this is fixed.

It is important to follow the instructions as laid out to avoid any issues with the installation, they’re not difficult it’s just that if not followed in sequence the lock may not set up properly for the way your door opens. The lock works this out after it has been installed and the batteries inserted. By following the instructions it can save a lot of irritation and time.

Once installed you then set up the lock for day to day use. The user guide goes through these steps. It goes through the steps of setting how long a user code you want to use, the set up of the user codes, the set up or not the auto lock feature and the alarm.

The way to set it up to use with home automation will depend on the hub you are using with some being easier than others. (See monitoring below for more details).


To operate the lock there is no contract or monthly fees involved.

However, you can’t monitor or operate it remotely with a smartphone without the addition of a home automation z-wave hub for example SmartThings.

Depending on the hub you have you may need to pay just for the hub.

Or you may be required to pay a monthly fee as you are required with Nexia the recommended home automation hub

But it works with a number of different home automation hubs that work using the z-wave communication protocol hub. (See remote monitoring for a partial list).


For most people the support from Schlage is excellent and they stand behind their product in helping with installation and post installation questions quickly and efficiently. The support staff are knowledgeable and want to help.

Their contact details are included in the user guide but it doesn’t state their hours of service, it is a toll free number.


It does not come with a camera but can be used in conjunction with a camera if using it with a home automation hub like SmartThings so that an internet camera comes on when he lock is operated or it detects someone trying to force entry.

An alternative is to use a Ring Video Doorbell or Skybell Doorbellto see who is at the door so you can then take an action such as unlock the door remotely once you’ve seen who is there if you want or maybe talk to them. Unfortunately it would mean having to use another App to be able to see who is there to see what is going on at your door.

Video Storage

Not Applicable


The lock comes with an a 90 db alarm which is as loud as most standard smoke alarms. By default it is turned off but can be turned on once it is installed.
It works to let you know when someone is tampering with the lock or attempting to break through the door. You turn the alarm on or off, change the sensitivity and the mode by using the inside schlage button.

You can set the alarm for the following modes.

Activity – this is when you are at home and want to know the door has been opened or closed. There will be 2 short beeps which is great for monitoring the door when you have kids that are coming and going. It resets itself after 3 seconds.

Tamper – this is when the door is locked and the lock detects someone trying to tamper with it. It sounds the 90 db alarm for 15 seconds.

Forced Entry – this is for when the deadbolt is locked and someone is trying to break in through it using force. This is great for when you aren’t home or at night when you are asleep. Normally this will be enough to deter someone trying to break in. The siren sounds for 3 minutes and the lights on the Schlage sign on the inside of the lock light up.

If you are getting too many alerts or not enough you can adjust the sensitivity of it so you get the number you want.

These changes are all done using the inside schalge button by pressing it and holding it down. To know what you’ve set it to there are red LED lights round the button and it beeps a certain number of times which indicate the setting and mode. You’ll need the instruction manual to know what you’ve set it to as you need to know what each of LED lights and the flashing and beeping is as it is not marked at all. It could do with having a display screen to let you know otherwise it is down to memory.

Having said that If you have set the lock up to work with a z-wave hub you can do all this with your smartphone which is a much easier option.


The lock as it comes does not have the ability to send notifications to your phone or other mobile device.

To get notifications you need to set it up with a smart home hub that uses z-wave.

Depending on the hub you are using will determine how and when you’ll get notifications. But you can receive it by text, phone call, email or push notification.

The z-wave hub will allow it to send notifications to your phone when the deadbolt is locked or unlocked and by whom (if codes are used) or if it has been forced opened or is being tampered with.

Remote Monitoring

As with notifications the ability to monitor and operate the lock remotely you need to use it in conjunction with a z-wave (an industry standard communication protocol)smart home automation hub. There isn’t a definitive list of the hubs it works with. From my investigation it appears to work with SmartThings, Wink, Iris, Vera . But you should check with the supplier of the hub first to check if this deadbolt lock works with your hub of choice.

Most people have found that for the hubs mentioned that the syncing process is quick and easy and that it communicates well with the hub for controlling the lock remotely.

The smart hub can communicate with various smart devices including locks in your home to automate their operation and connects with your internet connection so you can control and monitor them remotely. You can have lights turn on and off when he lock is operated, have the TV turn on andm ore.

There are a range options here depending on the hub you are using and how you set it up. To a certain extent you are limited by your imagination, skills and the hub. But you should be able to set up and delete user codes, lock and unlock the deadbolt, see if it is locked or unlocked, get it to unlock or unlock as your smartphone moves in and out of range of your home.


The lock requires 4 AA alkaline batteries (not lithium). When everything is working as it should be the expected life is a year. Most customers report getting over 4 months before they need replacing (even when not properly set up). It is simple to replace them and the lock will let you know they need replacing by a yellow low battery indicator on the touch screen which gives you time to change them before they are dead.

If you don’t replace them before the die you can still use the key and thumb turn to operate the lock.

Operating The Lock

You have a number of choices on how to operate the lock including using a key in an emergency.
You can operate it just as a deadbolt with pin numbers to operate it without the need to have a key. This can be great if you are going out for a run or an errand or just generally as it is one less thing to carry.

The lack of needing a key and being able to give people pass codes on a temporary or permanent basis saves on the need of having to have keys cut or the need to change the lock if someone loses the key or takes one with them. This in itself could prove useful if you have a rental property or you rent out your vacation home from time to time, it means there is no need for keys or changing locks when the tenant leaves or they take the keys with them.

You can set it to automate lock after 30 seconds of being unlocked without having to press the schlage logo or turning the thumb turn which is useful if you forget or have your hands full as you go through the door.
The only issue is that the lock doesn’t detect if the door is closed and the deadbolt will go into lock position even with the door open, and if you are monitoring remotely it will show as lock even with the door itself open.

It is important to ensure the door is closed if you want it to be properly locked unless you want to use it as a way of stopping the door from closing as you walk in and out of your home carrying things.

You have one programming code for setting up the lock settings and then 30 user codes for use by people and you can choose the length of the code you want the pin codes to be.

If you are adding it to a home automation network then these functions can be done remotely with your smart phone but exactly how this works will depend on the hub you have installed.

To lock and unlock from the inside you turn the thumb turn at the bottom of the lock as you would with a standard lock.

To lock or unlock it from the outside you can use the key if you want but the preferred way is going to be using the Shclage button at the top of the touch screen and entering a pass code using the touch screen numbers 0 – 9.

Locking is simply a matter of touching the Schlage button as you leave the premises. A green check mark appears on the screen to let you know locking has been successful. If the deadbolt doesn’t fully extend you will see a red X and it will make a noise to let you know there has been a problem.
You can set the lock so a pin code has to be entered as well if you want but the default is that one isn’t required.

To unlock the deadbolt you first touch the Schlage button which lights up the touch screen and then you enter your pass code. The lock beeps and the green check mark flashes twice and the . If the wrong code is entered the red X flashes and the door remains locked.

The touch screen is also used to enter and delete user codes. To do this you enter in the programming code after pushing the schlage button. It is a straight forward process and is described in the user manual and video online.

You can program up to 30 different user codes at one time and you can choose whether they are 4 – 8 digits long – whatever you choose all codes need to be the same length. You do need to keep a manual record of the codes and who you have given them to, so as you can keep up to date, let people know the code if the forget and remove the code as needed.

The Lock

It is a certified to Grade 1 Level by ANSI/BHMA which is the highest certification of a residential lock which means it will outperform other lower graded locks in terms of performance, durability and strength. It comes with an Anti-pick shield to protect against lock tampering and has a bump resistant 5-Pin Cylinder

It will work as prescribed longer and can withstand more force being applied than lover certified lcoks. Grade 2 certification is normally the standard for residential locks. It is likely that it is a higher spec than the lock you currently have installed on your door.

The lock is water resistant but it won’t stand up to being immersed in water. It is specified to work between the temperatures on the outside from -35C to 66C and on the inside from -10C to 49C.

The outside of the lock has a touchscreen at the top and key cylinder at the bottom. At the top of the touch screen is the schlage button that is used to lock the door and light up the numbers on the touch screen for entering code to unlock the door. The key cylinder is below this and as with other doors is where you can operate the lock using the back up key.

The touch screen is unlit until you touch the Schlage button at the top. The lit pad is easy to see in all light conditions except when there is direct sunlight shining on it, so you need to shade it or block the sun so you can operate the lock.

The touch screen is designed so it doesn’t show fingerprints to make it harder for criminals to guess the number but they are more likely to try to force the door and you can have the alarm set up to sound if it is being tampered with or the door is being forced open.

The inside of the lock is longer than the outside and includes the batteries which slide in at the top. It has a Schlage button at the top and a thumb turn at the bottom. The schlage button is used for operating and programming the alarm. The thumb turn operates in the same way it does on a standard deadbolt.

Protection against it being forced

As with any lock it can be circumvented but it has an alarm that can be set up to detect tampering or when the door is being forced which provides a layer of security that should be complemented by an entry sensor on the door that is part of a home security system for a more complete way of safeguarding your family home and valuables.


The communication with the Z-wave hub is strong and the distance that it can from it should be the same as the rest of the devices attached to it.

Wireless or Wired

It communicates using the Z-wave frequency if turned on to communicate with an automation hub which is separate to your Wi-Fi frequency of 908.42 mhz so it should not interfere with devices communicating with your router using WiFi.


The dimensions of the two styles of lock – interior and exterior are:



Height 8 ins
Width 3 ins
Depth 2 ins


Height 4 3/4 ins
Width 3 ins
Depth 1 ins



Height 8 ins
Width 3 ins
Depth 2 1/4 ins


Height 5 ins
Width 3 ins
Depth 1 ins


The product includes:

Schlage Connect deadbolt
Installation hardware
1 Back Up Key
4 AA Batteries
Installation Guide
User Guide


If your door is wider than 1 3/4 inches you can buy a wide door kit direct from the supplier.

Other than that there are no accessories. However it can, as has been mentioned, use the lock with many z-wave hubs which will allow you to use the lock in conjunction with other home automation devices where you can have the lights turn on/off and so on when you unlock the lock and more


Will work with many Z-wave compatible hubs including SmartThings, Wink, Vera for remote monitoring and control

Built in alarm system that can be set to detect someone tampering with lock or trying to force the door open.

Installation is relatively straightforward and should take less than an hour

It comes in 2 styles and various colors to match a wide range of different doors

Customer service is well regarded by customers

Up to 30 user codes can be set up and removed as required to give plenty of coverage for your family, visitors and other people working in your home.

Great for rental properties and vacation properties – no need for keys and can be done remotely when paired with an home automation hub

It is easy to delete codes when they are no longer required

Touch screen is fingerprint resistant make it harder to see what numbers have been pressed

Up to 30 user codes can be used at one time

Comes with Lifetime Limited mechanical and finish warranty and 1-year electronics warranty

Strong motor to ensure bolt is driven home fully and retracting


Need to buy a home automation hub to be able to use it remotely

Does not work with Zigbee Hubs (other Home automation devices)

If you want to re-key the door you need to use a locksmith

Screen hard to see when in direct sunlight

The door, lock and deadbolt holes all need to be well aligned for it to work.

The lock doesn’t sense if the door is closed so will go into lock position and report it as locked even when door is open

Although fingerprint resistant it will show dirty finger marks (such as kids may leave)

Motor is considered loud by some users

Schlage Connect Consumer Ratings

Overall customer ratings are positive.
Schlage Connect ReviewThe reviews say they like how easy it is to use, install and the quality of it all.

There are some concerns about seeing the touch screen when the sun is shining directly on it. Also that the screen is not as fingerprint proof as it should be especially when you have kids.

Aside from that people have found it meets their requirements. They like that it can be used with many different z-wave hubs (but check with supplier first) to unlock it, the ability of remote monitoring and control to help in managing their home and security from afar.

Schlage Connect Price

This is not the lowest priced deadlock available but it does have features that make it worth considering at its’ price point.

It is the toughest grade lock for residential properties which means it will work properly for longer than other locks and is harder to break in to.

It can be used with a z-wave hub so that it can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world you can connect to the internet with your phone.

The August Smart Lock  which is not compatible with other home automation devices unlike August where you are tied in to their own automation device.

Check latest pricing and availability on Amazon by clicking here: <font-size=”20″>Click Here to Check Today’s Low Price on the Shlage Connect</font-size=”20″>


This has the highest security grading for a residential deadbolt making it more durable and robust as well as reducing the chances of it being tampered with successfully.

It adds another layer to your security of having a high quality lock with an alarm and auto locking feature. Also you don’t have to give out keys or be concerned with them getting lost. You can quickly stop access by deleting the code.

To use the smart features you need to have a home automation hub that is z-wave compatible which needs to be bought separately but it does mean it can be integrated easily into your network. Everything can be controlled from one App. You can then control and monitor your lock when you are away from home.

The fact you don’t need a key means you don’t need to giving them out and replacing the lock if they get lost, which can also help when you have rental properties as you don’t need to be handing out and getting keys in when tenants change.

One security concern (aside from possible hacking) with this is that it doesn’t know if the door is open or closed as it will go into lock position even when door is open and report as being locked and the deadbolt fully engaged.

So it is important to shut the door properly when you are leaving your house.

That aside this is a quality lock that can help in providing some more peace of mind and convenience in running and securing your home for all the household and family.

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