Ring VS KunaIn this comparison Ring vs Kuna are put up against each other line by line to see how they compare, contract to see the pros and cons of each to provide you with the information to help you decide which is the right one for you.

They both do give you the ability to protect and monitor your doors remotely with your phone.

The big questions will be around the price for the units and the monthly fees they charge for recording and storing video on the cloud. Cloud storage fees are something that appear to be where companies overcharge, even if they say they are optional as often without them your options for recording events is severely limited or non-existent.

I’ve looked at their specifications, read through the manuals, FAQs, checked out hundreds of reviews online, talked to the manufacturers to research each product fully.

Before looking at the differences here is a quick overview of them both:

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell replaces your current doorbell to give you the ability to monitor what is happening at your door from anywhere in the world you can connect to the internet with your smartphone. It uses your WiFi to connect to the internet.

It comes with a two way intercom so you can speak to anyone at the door without having to open it or even be at home.

It has 180 degree HD camera allows you to keep an eye on your entrance and yard. It has a motion sensor to detect movement and send an alert before someone presses the doorbell.

It comes with IR night vision so you can keep an eye on what is happening at night.

On the whole customers are pleased with how the Ring operates to give them security and peace of mind with their entrance ways being able to be monitored. Read the full review here

Kuna Smart Light and Camera

The Kuna has a unique way of adding a camera to your entry points by replacing or adding an outdoor light on your home the camera rather than the doorbell or just a standard outdoor camera.

As well as that it is different that it doesn’t use infra red night vision to view at night – it uses its light to light up the area to give a full color view – which does have some concerns about the quality of the view at night.

Using their App on your smartphone you can receive notifications of when someone approaches a door, view recorded video and initiate a live feed to monitor entrances. This can be done from anywhere in the world you can connect to the internet. You can talk with anyone that is at your door and sound a siren as required.

As it is a new product it has had some issues with it that they do seem to be working on with new releases of software. In more recent customer reviews it seems to be getting better ratings. Read the in depth here

How Are They Different?

Here are the facts on how these two door monitoring systems differ and there are quite a few there to consider .

Pre-Event Recording. The Kuna records 15 seconds before an event whereas the Ring (if you have subscription) starts recording once it detects motion.

Length Of Video Recorded. Provided you have the subscription service for Ring (otherwise there is no facility) it records a 40 second video. Kuna records a 2 minute video

Notifications. Both systems push alerts to your phone as long as you haven’t logged out of their App. Ring Video Doorbell has 3 levels of frequency of sending alerts out when it detects motion from light, standard to frequent – ranging from every 30 minutes to every motion (depending on your personal settings). Kuna sends out a notification once for every event which lasts for 2 minutes (it is recording the event), if movement is continues after 2 minutes you’ll receive another notification.

Installation. Both systems have been designed to replace your current fittings – Ring it is the doorbell and Kuna the outdoor lights. Both can be straightforward but Ring you do need to have the right type of doorbell (which you can see discussed on my review or their website).

However, Ring can be installed with a battery (that lasts 6 -12 months before needing recharging) if you don’t have an existing doorbell. It won’t chime inside unless you by their chime separately. The Kuna needs to be wired to the house power supply to work.

Camera View. The Ring has a wider viewing angle at 180 degrees with Kuna at 116 degrees. This means you get to see the whole area without any real blind spots but it does result in a fish eye view at the edges. To provide a better view of the door and entrance area the Kuna camera lens can be move 40 degrees in any direction before being fixed into place – you can change this at a later date if you wish.

Video Quality. Both cameras have 720 HD resolution. They provide a clear image happening at your door.

Motion Sensing. Kuna uses a mixture of a learning image algorithm and passive infra red (detects changes in heat) with a field of view of 116 degrees up to 10 feet away. Ring only has passive infra red detection but with a wider range of 180 degrees and up 30 feet away.

Motion Sensitivity. You can change the motion sensitivity of both systems but they do this differently. Ring has its motion detection view set up in sectors where you can tell it to ignore various sectors where you might expect a large amount of traffic. You can also reduce its detection range from 30 ft to 5 ft to reduce events.

Kuna is set to pick people up from 10 ft away but if you are getting too many alerts or false alerts you can reduce the sensitivity using a slider on the App. You can also help it to learn by tapping on your alerts that are false to help it learn humans from other movements.

Live Feed. The Kuna allows you to initiate a live feed anytime you want .Ring you can’t do this you can only watch a live feed when you accept a notification on your phone.

Replacing If Stolen. The Ring will be replaced if stolen whereas the Kuna is only replaced if you are on one of their subscription plans.

Siren. The Kuna has a 100 db that you can operate remotely as needed.

Accessories. For the Kuna you can only buy matching lanterns (they don’t include a camera). With the Ring you can buy a battery powered WiFI camera that can be located where you want and a WiFi chime.

Home Automation. The Ring App now works with Kevo, LockState, Kisi, or Lockitron smart locks and Wink smart home controller. The Kuna does not work with other smart devices.

Using With PC. The Ring will work with PC’s running Windows 10. Kuna doesn’t work with PC.

Which Is The Right One For You?

There are a number of factors that can come into play here as they will be installed in slightly different locations and also what might be involved in the installation.

When installing it is whether you can replace the existing fittings or have to run wires to that point and whether you can cover the area you need to cover especially when considering the Kuna as the light may need to be installed away from the door.

Although both are relatively new product Ring is a second generation and a number of its’ initial issues have been sorted -although there is still some like activating a live feed (you can do this with Kuna). Kuna is still working through those teething problems which can be frustrating. If you want less possible hassles then Ring is probably the better option.

If you want to initiate a live feed when you want (although neither allows you to record a live feed) then Kuna allows you to do this. It does mean can use it for limited checking of your home if you are suspicious or just want assurance that nothing is happening outside your door.
When it comes to recording cost then Ring is a much cheaper option although it may miss the event that caused the system to record.

Up Against Each Other Side By Side

To give a full picture of how the Kuna and Ring stack up against each other below is a table that lists there features and specifications side by side.

Contract for MonitoringNoNo
Remote monitoringSmartphone
Not PC
Smartphone AppYesYes
Smartphones SupportediOs, AndroidiOs, Android
Max Devices ControlledNo LimitNo Limit
Home AutomationYes - limited
Works with Kevo, LockState, Kisi, or Lockitron smart locks and Wink smart home controller.
Z-wave/ZigBee Compatible
(Wireless standard for home automation)
AccessoriesRing Chime
Stick Up Camera
Duplicate lights (without camera)
Distance WiFiDependent on WiFi SignalDependent on WiFi Signal
WiFi Compatible2.4 GHZ
802.11 b/g/n
2.4 GHZ
802.11 b/g/
Installation Method/
Set up
DIY - 30 minutes
Compatible with transformers with a voltage of 8 VAC to 24 VAC.
DIY - 30 minutes
SchedulingNoLights only
Live Video FeedNot on demandOn demand
Camera Resolution720 p1080 p
Camera View180 degrees116 degrees
Video StorageIn cloud onlyIn cloud
Power House Supply
Can be installed with battery
House Supply
Motion Sensor TypePIRPIR
Image Algorithm
Can Sensitivity
Be Adjusted
Audio2 way audio2 way audio
Administrator Control
NoLimited - only owner can add/delete
Siren - Loudness/Type
NoneYes - 100 db
ReviewRead MoreRead More

I hope you’ve now got all the information you need and has helped you to be clear on the entrance camera that is right for your circumstances. It would be great to know what your thinking is on this.

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