The Kwikset Smartcode 910 is a smart lock with keyless entry and remote control capability. It comes in 3 different models, 2 styles and 3 different finishes. So there is plenty of choice in getting one that matches your taste and door.

At its’ most basic you can set the lock to use pin codes for unlocking the door, but it can also be a smart lock too.
A smart lock is designed to make entry to your home more convenient, help you to manage access to your home remotely, let you know who has arrived and help in keeping it more secure.

It does need to be paired with a home automation controller either a zwave or zigbee controller (standard home automation protocol) depending on the lock you buy. This controller needs to be bought separately and it does need checking that your lock is compatible with it.

It is good idea to this before you buy and install it to avoid disappointment. This information is available on the controller supplier’s website or by phoning them up.

In our review we look at all these factors to ensure it meets the requirements of a deadlock but also that it goes above that in making management of your home easier andm ore convenient.

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Kwikset Smartcode 910 Installation

There are 2 parts to the installation. The first is replacing the existing deadbolt and the second is to pair it with a smart hub or controller to use the remote features of the lock.
There is not too much in the way of specialist skills required for either in the normal course of things. The set up with the hubs and controller can be fiddly and not work as it should but that is dependent on the hub you are syncing it with.

Tools required for installation are Phillips screwdriver and a tape measure. You may also need a chisel and a hammer if you need to increase the hole in the door or frame to accommodate the lock. All the hardware is included. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

If you have a drive-in latch deadbolt you are replacing you do need to contact kwikset to order one.
The door needs to be a standard prep door between 1 3/8 ins and 1 3/4 ins in depth. For doors thicker than this kwikset do have service kits available to be bought separately.

If the door holes and frame don’t match the lock there is a template included to help with drilling and chiseling out to get it all aligned up.

This lock replaces your current lock. This means there is a little more involved in the installation than the August Smart Lock which works with the current lock where you just replace the outer pieces of the lock. However with August You don’t have a keypad or key cylinder with it. It doesn’t work with other home automation products but it can be controlled remotely with its own App.

The lock works out which side the door opens and adjusts accordingly. There instructions included on how to achieve this.

Once you have the lock installed it is possible to re-key the lock to fit any similar type key enabling you to use your existing keys if you want so there is no need to carry additional keys.

If you have a zigbee or zwave lock there are steps to follow to set the lock to be included in the network using the programming keys at the back of the lock.

For the zigbee or zwave locks to work remotely and home automation functionality they need to synced with a zigbee or zwave controller (such as made or supplied by GE Security, Honeywell, Frontpoint, 2Gig, DMP, ELK, Home Seer, HAI, SmartThings or Vera). The controller manages the devices that have been assigned or enrolled to the device.


To use the lock as a standalone lock there is no requirement for a contract or monthly fee. Nor is there to use it with smart hub or security system. However depending on the smart hub or security system you use there may be a fee or contract for that.

The z-wave lock works with Frontpoint, SmartThings, ADT Pulse, wink, Vera and more but you do need to check with the supplier to ensure it is compatible. This is the same with the Zigbee lock where it works with certain Zigbee controllers.


There is a limited warranty for the lock of a lifetime for the mechanical and finish and a 1 year warranty on the electronics.


The system doesn’t come with its own camera but could be used in conjunction with Ring Video Doorbell or other home automation cameras, so that can see who is at the door and unlock it remotely if you wanted to.

Video Storage

Not applicable


You can use the locking and unlocking of the door to arm/disarm your security system when it is added to the controller that controls the security system and manage your lights and thermostat in the same way. This does depend on the system you’ve set up and it’s capability.


The exact way the system will notify you of it being operated does depend to a certain extent on the capability of the smart hub. But it should be able to notify you when someone arrives or leaves home. You’ll know who it is by the code they use to enter to operate the lock.

It will also let you know when the batteries are running low by sending you a notification.
The amount of people who can be notified will be determined by the type of controller you’ve paired the system with.

Remote Monitoring

From your smartphone you can see the status of your lock from anywhere in the world you can access the internet – whether it is in lock position or not.

If you have people coming into your home your home you can give them access by unlocking the door remotely if you want or you can use it to give people a code for access between times but outside that time the code you’ve assigned doesn’t work.


The battery needs 4 AA batteries to operate the keyless door entry. The batteries should last about a year before they need replacing. However many people have reported getting much less than that.
If the lock is not properly aligned and the deadbolt sticks this uses up more power causing the batteries to drain quicker. When the deadbolt doesn’t stick and is correctly aligned then this problem with the batteries shouldn’t occur.

When the batteries are low you should get a notification on your phone and also see the status when you are in you App. Also there is status light just above the thumb turn on the interior side of the lock. When it blinks red the battery is low and needs replacing.

The company recommends the use of alkaline batteries. The batteries aren’t included when you but the lock.

Setting The Lock

The lock can have up to 30 different user codes between 4 and 8 numbers long that can be set up either manually or through a smart home App when paired with a zigbee or zwave device otherwise it is just 2 on a standalone lock. The recommended method is to use your zigbee or zwave device. It is easy to see why this is the preferred method as manually involves pressing the programming button at the back of the door and the numbers at the front of the panel.

You can set up a mastercode that needs to be used to add/delete codes which is a good security feature.

On the front of the lock is a button you can push to lock the deadbolt as you leave your home.

To open the door using the keypad you press the keys that correspond to your pass code once for each number. You can also use the key if you prefer (or if the battery charge has been drained).

At the back of the door to operate the lock you turn the thumb turn as you do with any lock.

The lock can be set to lock automatically 30 seconds after it was unlocked. This can be useful if you have a tendency to forget to lock it or if you worry about whether you did or not or maybe concerned that others don’t lock it as they leave. You can of course check the status of the lock on your smartphone but there are times when you can’t check such as when in a meeting at work or at a play.

If you have a rental or maybe you let out your property or room using AirBnB it means you don’t have to give out a key at the beginning and can set up a code with limited length of a few days when you have short tenancy. Although they may not like the fact you get a notification when they come and go during their stay (although you can turn this off).

The Lock Panel

On the exterior trim of the lock there are 6 buttons and key cylinder below. There are 5 number buttons with 2 numbers on each (1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 &6, 7 & 8, 9 & 0) which you press to unlock the door. The sixth button is a lock button that locks the door. When you press the number or lock button the buttons are back lit to help in seeing when it is dark.

The interior trim has a thumb turn at the bottom for locking and unlocking the door from the inside of the house.
There are 2 buttons near the top of the panel that are used to include and exclude the lock from a home automation controller.

In the middle of the panel on the left is the program button used when setting up user codes. To the right of this are 4 switches where you set whether the LED light blinks, whether it automatically re-locks, whether there audio beeps when you press the button and the 4th button is spare.

Below these is LED status light that lets you know when the door is locked, unlocked, low battery or whether the lock orientation has worked properly or not.

At the top of the panel is where you slide the battery pack into place for installing and changing them.


You can program the lock to lock itself automatically 30 seconds after it has been opened. It will do this whether the door is closed or not.

Protection Against It Being Defeated

Starting on a negative all locks can be broken into eventually including ANSI Grade 1 Certified deadbolt locks such as the Schlage Connect and often an intruder will attempt to break through the door where it is often the frame that goes rather than picking the lock.

However, an electronic lock often discourages a criminal because it is seen as being part of a more complete security system with sensors and cameras. The likelihood is that they will move on to find a house that is less protected.

Having said that the lock is bump proof to stop any of the more sophisticated criminals from picking the lock.

To add another level of security it is important to set a master code that is used in adding and deleting user codes. You don’t have to set this code up but it is recommended to prevent others changing and adding codes.


The distance the lock works from a smart home hub is dependent on hub’s capability and if there are any other smart devices that boost the single but in most cases when it us used for the main doors of the house there shouldn’t be a problem. The recommended distance is 35 feet from a Zigbee or Zwave network controller.

Wireless or Wired

The z-wave or zigbee lock communicates with the hub remotely using the standard frequency for these home automation protocols.


The dimensions of the trim are:

Outer trim: width is 2 3/16 ins by length 4 7/16 inches by depth 1 3/16 inches

Inner trim: width is 3 1/4 ins by length 7 1/4 ins by depth 1 3/4 ins


In the box you get:

Interior and exterior lock assemblies and trims

Deadbolt and latch

Installation Hardware

Drilling Template

Smart re-key tool

Installation and user guide


If your lock is not of the single deadbolt type then there are kits available to help with installation. These are available direct from the supplier.


Installation is straightforward and usually takes less than an hour

Can be used with zigbee or z-wave controllers/security systems depending on version bought

Can be remotely controlled and receive notifications anyaher you can access the internet with your smartphone

Fits both left and right opening doors

You can use the Smartkey functionality to re-key the lock to fit the same key as existing locks of the same type

Tapered deadbolt making easier to align and stop it sticking

Lock is bump proof


The locking motor and buttons can be loud

To use remotely it must be used in conjunction with a smart home controller or security system that needs to be bought separately

The lock will report that is in locked position even if the door is open – it only reports the deadbolt position not the door

Batteries can need replacing frequently if deadbolt sticks or doesn’t move freely

The lock doesn’t automatically open when you are in range but requires you to enter the code via phone or on the keypad but it may be possible to set up a rule or recipe via the smart home hub and App you are using.

You aren’t notified when the lock is operated manually using the key or thumb turn

Kwikset Smartcode 910 Consumer Ratings

Kwikset Smartcode 910 ReviewHaving read through over a hundred reviews, most people are happy with the quality of the lock, the ease of use and how they can use it remotely when used in conjunction with a home automation controller.

There are issues when trying to install it with non-standard door or drive-in latch deadbolt as there can be a long delay in receiving the parts from the company. One of the steps in the installation isn’t specific enough and has caused some issues in the installation but most seem to get enough from the guidelines to install without any issues.

Some others are disappointed they can’t pair it with their home automation controller, so it is important to check before you buy that it is compatible.

The majority of reviews are positive and enjoy how easy it is to use and the benefit of remote monitoring and management of the lock.

Kwikset Smartcode 910 Price

The lock is reasonably priced for a smart lock device with it being more affordably priced comparatively.

When I checked the smart lock was available on Amazon and on eligible orders it qualified for Prime and free shipping. Click here to see if it still available Kwikset Smartcode 910

Review Summary

This is a smart lock you can rely on to help you monitor, control and secure your home with home automation integration. It’s great that you can use it with a number of different home automation controllers and is not restricted to just a single controller.

To use the remote functionality of the lock you do need to pair it with a zwave or zigbee controller (depending on lock you’ve bought). Installation and set up is quick and easy, taking less than an hour for most people, however, it can take longer if your installation is not standard.

Overall it is good lock for securing your home and can help in managing entry to your home remotely or an office. It is also a good solution if you have a vacation home out of state (as long as you’ve WiFi and controller) if you let it out or have friends stay as you don’t have to hand over keys.

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