Home security systems can cost a large amount of money upfront and if it is a monitored system it costs you a fair bit each month too. So, when you move home you probably want to take it with you to avoid the cost of replacing it.

The wireless DIY home security systems reviewed here on this site are portable and can be taken with you including the ones that are monitored by third parties such as Simplisafe (although you’ll need to let them know you’re moving).

They don’t require much in taking down and getting them ready for moving. It will require removing the sensors from the walls – either unpeeling the double back tape or unscrewing them from the walls and the door/windows.

There are no wires to worry about except maybe power cables for external sirens and control panel if you’ve hidden them behind a wall.

Once you’ve arrived at your new location you can set them up and install as you did previously. They normally can be set up within an hour.

It is this portability (as well as the cost) that makes them a good choice for renters, or those who plan to move in the near future as well as home owners generally.

There may be some minor repairs required to the walls and frames to clean off the residue of the double back tape and holes left by screws but that is quicker then removing cabling and looks better than having cables hanging out of the wall.

This is in contrast to the traditional monitored wireless systems where you can have a lot of trouble when you want to move. It all depends on who the supplier is and the contract you signed.

But you are going to need to discuss it with them. There may be a cost for doing this including paying for installation in your new home or there might be some penalties to pay. This makes it important to know what you are signing upfront especially as there are many stories of people being stung by “unexpected charges” from suppliers because they want to make a change to their contract.

Sometimes companies won’t move the equipment as they see it as an incentive to the new owner to sign up for monitoring services from them. They may then offer you a discount on the cost of the equipment and installation.
Alternatively they may offer a free move if you take out a new full long term contract. It is going to cost you one way or another

This portability is one of the advantages of DIY wireless security systems even those that are monitored by professional monitoring companies. You own the equipment outright and can do what you like with it.

Portable Home Security System Choices

There are a number of options when it comes to the DIY wireless option. You’ve got the monitored solution that Simplisafe provides and they do a very good job with it – providing quality equipment and no fixed long term contract that you pay for monitoring on a month by month basis and can be cancelled at anytime without penalty. Read about it here.
For traditional systems that come with a good number of sensors and notify you and up to 5 others when there is a security incident by cellular and/or landline there is a choice of PiSector GS-08M (slightly better equipment but customter service not quite as good) and the Fortress Security Store GSM-B. There is not an App to control either at the is stage but you aren’t dependent on the internet. It all comes pre-programmed to work out of the box. Full review for PiSector GS-08M here and Fortress GSM-B here.

One of the newer options is the Scout Alarm System that requires internet access to work. You control it anywhere in the world with an App. Set up is straightforward and you can have it all up and working in less than an hour. Read about it here.

Alternatively if you want a camera as well as a security system then the Piper nv provides that option. You can get notifications for when the doors open or the camera sees movement. It is an internal camera that gives you 180 degree view. It is easy to set up and uses double back tape to attach the sensors to the door/windows. See more here.

So, to answer the questions about whether security systems can be taken with you, the answer is it depends. You definitely can with a wireless DIY home security system as you own it and can be quickly taken down and put up again.

With the traditional third party systems where you have to sign up for a long term contract then it depends again on the contract with the company’s sometimes letting you take it with you but at a cost – as they may own the equipment and you are effectively renting it. It pays to know what you are signing up to.

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