How Can You Answer The Door Remotely With Your PhoneWhen you are not at home you never really know who shows up at your door when you’re not there and what they are really doing.

Most burglaries happen during the day and usually the criminals ring the doorbell first to see if anyone is at home.

There is also times you can’t be in to answer the door and you’re expecting someone or a parcel to be delivered. It would be great to answer the door and deal with the issue, may be letting them in or letting them know what to do without having to make a special trip home and maybe having to book time off work to do it.

Being able to answer your door remotely using your phone – from anywhere it can get a signal gives you the ability to be able to monitor as well as deal with anyone that comes to your door – whether you’re there or not.
With the criminals you want to be able to deter them from forcing entry by giving them the impression that someone is in.

If you can see who is at the door remotely, this allows you to decide whether you want to answer it at all if it is someone you’d rather not deal with (a salesman for instance).

The easiest method for doing this is with a WiFi video doorbell that works with a smartphone.

The Ring Video Doorbell is a product that sends an alert to your phone to let you know when someone is approaching your front door or rings the doorbell. It comes with a camera and a 2 way intercom.

It replaces your current doorbell. It is a simple installation process in most cases. You then get a 180 degree view of your porch or entrance.

When you receive the alert you open it through the downloaded App and can see and talk to whoever is at the door – at anytime day or night – it comes with night vision.

This gives you the ability to talks and see the person at the door. You can discuss what they want and deal with the issue remotely anywhere in the world. That way you can have your parcels delivered or have a discussion with the person if you want or send them on their way.

It does also work with smartlocks which you can also operate with your smartphone. Once you’ve established who is at the door you can then unlock the door remotely. So if it is your kids who have forgotten their keys or someone who has come to some work in your home or a pet sitter etc you can let them in.

In addition if you miss the alert the App you download to your phone keeps a record of the events that you can click on to and see a 40 second recording of the event for a monthly fee.

This can help you organize your home and help deter possible burglaries while being away from your home. There is no longer any need to be at home to deal with some issues.

You also get to keep an eye on your front door to see what happens when you’re not there or can’t answer it.

It makes for a secure way to keep an eye on your home remotely anywhere your phone can connect to WiFi or cellular network. As well as help in deterring would be burglars.

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