Home Security For Under $20Criminals look for easy targets when selecting the home they want to burglarize. They want to be in and out quickly and not be seen. They’ll target homes that are not occupied without security over homes that appear occupied and have security.

With a budget of under $20 you won’t be able to find a fully fledged home alarm system but you can get items that help by giving the impression that your home is occupied, has security or can bring attention to the burglar and be seen. These are all things they want to avoid. They want it to be as easy as possible for them.

In my selection I’ve looked at items that can help in the fight against the criminals, with 1 in 15 households suffering a burglary each year it is important take the precautions you can to stop your home from being the next target in your neighborhood.

Junyo TV Led Light Device
When a home appears occupied most criminals will move on. They are looking for an easy target. One of the signs that a home is occupied is the light of the TV screen.

This Fake TV gives the impression from outside that someone is at home watching TV. It has a built in light sensor so that it turns on at dusk and a schedule off setting of 4 to 8 hours after depending on the set up. It only uses the same amount of power as a night light.

It switches between colors and scene settings to help with the illusion. It may appear like it has a pattern if you have the time or inclination to stand there and study it. But this is unlikely for a criminal to spend the time to work that out.

This is great for when you are out at night or on vacation to deter criminals from seeing your house as unoccupied and as a possible easy target.

Outdoor Fake Security Camera
Criminals don't like being seen. This camera gives the impression that they are being watched. The housing is the same as used by real security cameras and it does look real. Most criminals won't take the time to inspect it anyway as they'll move on.

It comes with the facility to have a blinking red light that is operated by battery to give the impression that it is working but you may choose not to use it if you feel that this is no longer realistic with the way cameras now work. If using the light it needs 2 AA batteries that aren't included. The camera also includes a mounting bracket and real looking cable to give the impression it is wired up to your surveillance system.

The dimensions of the camera with rain shield is 7 by 3 by 3 inches.
It is easy to install outside and should stand up to weather to give a good number of years of deterring the criminals.

National Hardware V805 Door Viewer
When someone knocks at the door and you're not expecting company you just don't know who is on the other side. If you open the door a little bit even with a security chain it makes it easy for them to bust the door down to get inside. A better option is to be able to see who is there before opening the door.

There are now items like the Ring Video Doorbell where you can see who is there from your smartphone and don't have to go to the door, but unfortunately it does cost 10 times $20.

A peephole is the next best thing and it means you don't open the door. This National Hardware V805 Door Viewer peephole is easy to install and you get over a 180 degree view of your porch. The view is a fisheye view to get that range but it is clear and no one should be able to hide from you. You'll be able to see who is at the door without having to open it.

GE Personal Alarm Kit

GE Personal Security Alarm KitNoise is also something a criminal wants to avoid and that is one thing this alarm kit generates with a 120 db loud siren when a door or window is opened that it is being covered by the sensors. (The price on this varies and can be over $20)

It has 4 window/door contact type entry sensors one for a door and 3 for windows. They are wireless and portable. It is easy to install and comes with the tape and screws needed to complete it. The sensors come in 2 pieces with the sensor fixed to the door or window and the magnet to the frame. The batteries required are 4 X LR44 batteries per window sensor and 3 AAA batteries for the door sensor.

When the door or window is opened more than an inch the alarm is sounded warning you that it has been opened and hopefully scaring off any one opening them that shouldn’t be.
This is a standalone system – it doesn’t send out notifications and the sensors all work independently of each other.

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Kick Ass Home Security by Sgt Mark Buschena
My final selection is not a device but a book that is full of actionable ideas for making your home more secure. It is written by serving police officer with much experience in crime prevention rather than just solving crimes.

The book goes into detail on how burglars select their targets and how to make your home to be one that is not worth their while.

It shows how to make your yard more secure, your doors, your windows, your valuables and more without spending a fortune.

These 5 recommendations can help in making you less likely to be a victim of crime especially if you use them as part of an overall security plan as described in the book by Sgt Mark Buschena.

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