GE Personal Security Alarm Kit is a low price security package for your home. It comes with 1 alarm for a door and 3 alarms that can be fitted to doors or windows. The door alarm comes with a 4 button keypad for arming and disarming it. The window alarms are armed by sliding the switch on the side of it to alarm. When a door or window that is protected by an alarm is opened they sound a 120 decibel alarm.

The big advantage of  the kit is the price which will be affordable for most budgets. It is not a security system but it can provide protection in the form of alarms being sounded when a door or window is forced open. It can’t be remotely monitored so you are relying on the alarm to scare any intruders off. In the review I look at the good and the bad of this affordable system.


The alarms in this system are easy to install. There is very little set up required. They are all separate units and work on their own – so there is no control panel to pair them with.

The keypad on the door alarm is for arming only the door alarm. To set this up you need to install the batteries (not included) and set your pass code. Then it is a matter of installing on your door. It is in 2 pieces – alarm and magnet – one goes on the door the other on the frame. They need to be within ½ apart when the door is closed. You mount it using the mounting plate and double back tape and after testing that it works when you open the door it is up and running.

To set up the window alarms you need to install the batteries (included) and place on the windows or doors you want to protect – there are 2 pieces as with the door alarm – one piece goes on the frame and the other on the window. It is attached by using the double sided tape included which is strong enough to hold it in place. The only difficulty can be in lining the 2 pieces up to be within ½ inch of each other if you have curved moldings or frames – it means you may need to use shims (small pieces of wood) to line them up.

The tape is up to the job of holding the alarms and magnets in place. The instructions included are easy to follow. There is no need to consult the internet to set up and install.


There is no contract required and these systems can’t be monitored remotely by yourself nor by a third party monitoring company. The alarms are designed to work on their own and do not have the ability to communicate with the outside world or between themselves.


Support for this product from the manufacturer is not great as some people have struggled to get a refund for faulty components and have dealt with Amazon to resolve their problems.  However, most people in their review say they are pleased with their purchase. It is a comparatively cheap product and there needs to be fair balance between expectations and reality of what can be provided for the price.


No cameras come with the kit or can be added.

Video Storage

Not applicable.


Each of the window alarms and deluxe door alarm include their own alarm. The alarms according to the manufacturer are 120 db loud.  This is the equivalent of an ambulance siren.

However, the window alarms do not sound that loud – they sound loud but not as loud as you’d expect. The Deluxe door alarm sounds a lot louder and is closer to 120 db. You should be able to hear them throughout your house especially if you have an apartment or a smaller home.

They are going to sound a lot quieter outside the home and may not get noticed by your neighbors when they sound.


The sensors do not send out a notification to your phone or to a monitoring company. The only notification of an incident is the alarm being sounded when they are triggered.

Remote Monitoring

This is a stand alone kit and there is no functionality to allow remote monitoring. You are not able to phone in to the kit or use the internet to see the status of your home.


The Deluxe Door Alarm requires 3 AAA batteries. For some reason these are not included. Getting them shouldn’t be a problem as they are readily available.

The company estimates you should get 1 year’s usage out of them before they are placed. Some people have reported getting 3 years usage.

The battery compartment is located at the back of the alarm. It is accessed by unscrewing the small screw on the back. You need to be careful unscrewing this as the thread is easily stripped and it then gets stuck making it difficult to get access to the batteries without breaking the cover.

It lets you know when you need to replace the batteries by the low battery light on the front of the alarm flashing  slowly when it’s time to replace the battery.

The window alarms each require 4 LR44 coin style batteries and these are included in the kit. They are readily available from stores.

Again you can expect up to a years usage from the batteries before they need replacing. You can check whether they need replacing by pressing the battery test button in the battery compartment and if the battery indicator light shines green the batteries don’t need replacing but if the light does not come on then the batteries need replacing.


There are no motion sensors in the kit but they can be bought separately.

Door/Window Contacts

Both alarm (deluxe door and window) types detect when the door or window they are covering is opened. They come in two parts a magnet and sensor/alarm. One part is attached to the frame of the door or window and the other to the door or window. When the window or door is opened the sensor is triggered and the alarm is sounded.

When the door or window is closed there needs to be a gap between the two parts of less than ½ inch otherwise the sensor will report t they are opened and sound the alarm. On curved frame moldings it can be difficult to line the two parts and you may need to use a shim or a thin piece of wood to achieve this. It is much easier on modern houses that have flat frames.

The 1 Deluxe door alarm can be used on any type of door it can be fitted on to (as well as windows) – whether the door slides open or opens inwards or outwards.

Similarly the 3 window alarms can be used on any door or window that opens – sideways, top or bottom or slides. You can use them also for protecting cabinets and boxes – anywhere there is something that opens – could be good for liquor cabinets or medicine cabinets (but they can be turned off easily by closing the door or sliding the switch to off).

These types of alarms will not detect if the glass in the door or window has been broken to gain access as this is unlikely to move the alarm and magnet apart more than ½ inch needed to trigger the alarm. It is possible to buy a vibration detector that can be used to detect when the glass of a door or window is being broken.

Panic Button/Duress Codes

There is no functionality for panic buttons or duress codes. The alarms only sound the alarm when armed and the door or window they are covering is opened.

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit Setting The Alarm

The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit window alarms are set by sliding the switch on the side of the alarm to arm. The alarm will continue to sound until turned off or the door or window is closed and the gap between alarm and magnet is less than ½ inch. You can also turn  the alarm off by sliding the switch to off.

This switch is also where you set the chime function. When you are at home you may want to use the chime function to let you know when a window is opened or a door. It might be useful when you have younger children that may open a door or window they shouldn’t be. It probably won’t work as a great deterrent or a way of monitoring any teenage children as the on/off switch is easily accessed on the side.

The deluxe door alarm has a 4 button keypad for arming and disarming it. It is for this alarm only as the alarms are not connected. The first step is to set your personal key code by following the instructions – you do need to access the back of the alarm to do this. If you want to change after setting you need to take the alarm off the door which is straightforward if you have mounted it using the mounting plate provided.

Once you have set up the key code you can then arm or disarm the alarm. To set the alarm the first step is to slide the switch on the right to alarm. Then you have the choice of setting to home or away mode and this is done using the switch on the right. To arm the alarm you enter your four digit code using the key pad on the front and you do the same to disarm it. You disarm it this way whether the alarm is sounding or it is quiet.

In the home mode there are no delays and alarm is ready to sound instantly, with the way mode there is a delay to allow you to leave and enter the premises without triggering the alarm.

If you want you can set the system to chime when you are at home by sliding the switch on the right to chime mode. Then every time the door is opened more than ½ inch the chime will sound. This is great if you have a child that likes to escape as you will be able to hear the chime as they make their getaway. To turn the chime off you slide the switch on the right to alarm.

Control Panel

This system does not have a control panel. The alarms must all be armed or disarmed individually and they are all self-contained. There is no need to be concerned about distance from a central point.

You do need to remember to switch each of them on and off as required to secure your home or trigger them by mistake as you didn’t disarm before opening.


The deluxe door alarm when being armed in away mode gives you 45 seconds to leave before it is active. When returning you have 30 seconds to enter your code to disarm it.
In home mode there is no delay on entry or exit. This is the same with the window alarm – it is armed instantly.

Protection against it being switched off.

There is no protection against these being disabled by a burglar. The window sensors alarm can be turned off by closing the window.
They could always be ripped off the door or window and broken to stop the alarm if the burglar wants to stick around.


There are no physical limits on coverage as they are separate units. They can be fitted anywhere as they are not dependent on radio signals. The only  limit is if you will be able to hear the alarm when a sensor is triggered if you place it too far away.

Wireless or Wired

The alarms work independently of each other. They do not communicate with a control panel so there is no need for wires or transmitters. The components are all battery powered so no power cords are needed.


Zones as such are not required. The alarms operate on there own and you can put them where you like without having to assign them to a zone.


The dimensions are approximately:

Door alarm 3.5 by 2.75 by 1 inches

Window alarm 2.75 by 1.75 by.75 inches


This kit comes with:

1 Deluxe Door Alarm – it is an individual alarm for securing your doors. It comes with a 4 digit key pad for arming and disarming.

3 Window alarms – they can be used to secure doors or windows. They are armed by sliding the switch on the side to alarm.


There are a number of related products in the range that can be bought to provide more coverage. They do all work on their own and are not part of a system.  As well as the items below you can buy the window alarms in singles, packs of 2 or packs of 4 and you can also buy additional deluxe door alarms.

GE Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm with Keychain Remote – this is a motion sensor that detects movement up to 20 feet away. The keychain remote is for arming/disarming and setting it to chime. It includes a 120 db alarm in the motion sensor.

GE Wireless Motion-Sensing Alarm with Programmable Keypad – this also detects movement up to 20 feet away and has a 120 db alarm that sounds when motion is detected. You use the 4 digit keypad to arm/disarm and chime mode.

GE Ceiling Mount Motion Sensing Alarm with Wireless Remote Control – fits on the ceiling and detects movement within 360 degree range up to 18 ft away. The keychain remote arms and disarms the alarm

GE Water Leak Detection Alarm – alerts you when it detects water. It is used in areas where there is a high likelihood of leaks like in the bathroom, attic, laundry , basement etc.

GE Glass Vibration Alarm – this detects vibration (it will detect when a window is broken) and lets you know immediately – great for use on patio doors and sliding glass doors.

GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm – you place this at the bottom of the door. When door is opened it will sound the alarm. The alarm is 120 db loud.

GE Personal Security Dorm/Apartment Kit – this kit includes a window alarm, door stop alarm and personal security alarm.

GE Personal Keychain Security Alarm – can be taken with you for personal security. It sounds a 120 db alarm when the pin is removed.


Very good price

Easy to install

No wires needed and can be installed using the double sided tape if you don’t want to use screws

Can be taken with you

Very loud 120 db alarm sounded when alarms triggered

It can be set to chime when door or window is opened which can help in keeping track of toddlers

90 day manufacturer’s warranty


You can only have one pass code for the system

It can not be remotely monitored and can’t send notifications out

Limited or no discount on home owners insurance

Batteries for the door alarm not included

Customer support not highly rated

Can be difficult to install on curved frames (as with any security system window/door contacts)

Accessing the batteries and password rest button for door alarm can be difficult and can result in stripping the screw requiring the cover to be broken to access

No panic button or distress code

Window alarms stop sounding when the window is closed. Also the off switch is visible on the side of the alarm

Customer support from manufacturer is poor

Components are made from cheap materials

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit Consumer Ratings

I’ve read through many of the customer reviews. Overall most people are pleased with the purchase and realize they are not getting a complete home security system and they are getting 4 stand alone alarms. A number of people seem to have expectations that it is a full blown home security system and expect top of the line components.

It is not that – it is a no frills kit that provides some basic security on a standalone basis. And this is reflected in most reviews. It does meet most people’s requirements for that . The only issue for some is where they have faulty equipment and talking to GE has not helped the situation, however, they have been able to rely on Amazon to sort this for them.

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit Price

The price is one of the major attractions for this kit. You can check the price here: GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

It is a good kit for an apartment or a dorm room or  RV. You could consider using it to give some security at a holiday home or a hotel room – just be careful when sticking and removing the units to the doors and frames so you don’t take off the paint. If you are looking to secure a larger home you are going to need to buy more alarms to secure all entry points and may want a more complete and more expensive solution.


To summarize this review  – t is a good alarm kit for the price and does the job of sounding the alarm when the doors are opened. But it is important to realize it is limited. It won’t enable you to remotely monitor (like say Simplisafe or iSmartAlarm) or set different pass codes or have notifications sent to your smartphone when there is a security incident. It is simply a standalone system that sounds a very loud alarm to warn you  and scare the intruder away (hopefully) when the armed doors or windows covered are opened.

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