The Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System is a professionally monitored system that you install yourself. It uses a third party for monitoring your alarm system around the clock.

You pay a monthly fee for the third party professional monitoring for a term of 1 year or 3 years. The system is 100% wireless so the components communicate with each other via radio frequency and it communicates with the monitoring center over a cellular network.  You have the choice of 3 different levels of monitoring.

The system is set up out of the box with installation possible within a couple of hours and the company can help you through the process as required. As it is wireless it means you don’t have to run wires through your walls. This also makes it flexible so you can easily move the sensors or add more if you want. You can easily take it with you if you move and set up in your new home.

The company itself has a good reputation for service and being transparent about the costs for the equipment and the monitoring.


As this is a wireless system it is straightforward to install. It comes pre-programmed to work out of the box, so there is little programming needed.

The devices, apart from the control panel, are all battery powered so can be mounted easily, which is done using the double back tape that is included. The tape is strong enough to hold the sensors in place and you are unlikely to have false alarms as a result of the sensors dropping off the wall.

The control panel is plugged into the house supply and can be mounted on the wall by hanging it on a screw (provided) or you can place it on a table or bench.

The company website talks about being able to set up and install the system within 30 minutes which probably can be done but there is no need to rush and it can be easily done in most cases within 2 hours depending on the number of sensors you have. If you have bought wireless cameras and in particular the outdoor camera it may take longer to install and set these up.

The sensors are installed using double back tape that is supplied and seems to keep them attached to the walls, windows or doors. I have not seen any reports of the sensors falling off.

You do not need to use the internet to install and set up the system (unless you are installing home automation and/or cameras).

Once you have installed your system you place a call with Frontpoint to ensure everything is in working order. They are available to help you if you are having problems and usually get it up and running for you.

With the interactive and ultimate monitoring plans you can monitor and control the system with a smartphone app for iphone, ipad, android, windows or blackberry as well as control on the internet. This is all fairly straightforward to set up and is a matter of downloading the free app from the store.

There is no testing or setting up the system and what is required is to activate the battery for the control panel and plug it in and decide where to locate it. All this is done before you get the system. Next is planning where to put the sensors, then installing the sensors and then finishing up with a call to Frontpoint who check that all is working as it should be.


This system comes with the option of 3 different levels of professional monitoring and a choice of contract length of either 1 or 3 years.

Signing up to a 1 year contract length you may get a  discount on your equipment. With a 3 year contract you may get a bigger discount on the list price of the equipment.

If you cancel the contract part way through the contract term you are required to pay 80% of the remaining term.  There is no extra cost if you move and cellular monitoring is included as standard. At the end of the contract term it is rolled over for a further year as default unless you specify otherwise

If you want to upgrade the level of monitoring part way through the term of the contract you can do this at any time but you can only downgrade it during the 30 day money back period at the beginning of the contract.

I don’t like term contracts but from what I can see Frontpoint have made a real effort to inform you of the terms and there are no hidden costs or add-ons, so you know upfront what your cost is going to be.

Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System Support

Frontpoint is open 7 days a week for sales and support questions. This is great for when you have a problem on the weekend so you can get your question answered when you need it.

From Monday to Friday the support hours are 8.00 am to 11.00 pm EST giving you the opportunity to speak to people outside normal working hours. On the weekend the hours are, for both Saturday and Sunday, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm EST.

The website itself has lots of information on their service and other security information. You can see what each component costs, the specifications and the cost of monitoring. It is well laid out making easy to navigate and find what you are looking for with advice on installation etc.

When people speak to Frontpoint they find the customer support team very helpful and knowledgeable. They mention in their review that when they  are looking to buy Frontpoint don’t come across as  “salesy”.  The team have the ability to answer any questions you have before you buy. They listen to what you have to say.

During installation and afterwards if you have a problem they help you to get it sorted as quickly as possible.

If there is a problem with one of the components during the warranty period they quickly replace it to get your system up and running.

There is 30 day money back guarantee where you can return the equipment for a refund. There is a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty o which is a good length but I would have expected 3 years if you are signed up for the 3 year monitoring service.

However, I have seen it mentioned that the company has sent out replacement parts after the warranty period has expired, but I have not confirmed that myself.

The company does seem to take great customer service a priority and proactively reach out to anyone (who mention they had a problem in their review) who has had problems to work with them to sort their issues.

One thing I don’t like about the site is that they want your phone number when you want to send an email and then have a button that says call me and you consent to them to contact you on the number provided.  This is only a minor point.

I contacted them using the Live Chat on their site and asked them a number of questions. The responses I received were helpful and quick. I was very pleased with this support.


With the ultimate monitoring package you can add up to 4 cameras to the security system that you control and monitor with the system’s smartphone app. This control and monitoring is separate to the monitoring center and is private to you as you control it via your MyFrontpoint account. You can have up to 10 people viewing the live feed at the same time.

There are 3 different cameras types available. They are all IP cameras that are controlled work through your router and broadband connection.

You can look at a live feed any where you can connect to the internet. Also when the cameras detect movement or a sensor is triggered the cameras will send video clips to your smartphone or store them in your account (that only you have access to).

The quality of the video is dependent on the resolution and your internet connection. The higher the resolution of the video the better the quality will be there are no issues with transmitting it over the internet. On the whole the video quality is moderate and on par with that offered by other security companies, it is good enough to see what is going on but will not give you a crystal clear picture.

It gives you the chance to see what is happening at home when you are away including ensuring your kids are safe or if you want to check up on any activity in and around your home. The motion detection and sensor video clips give you a record of who triggered the sensors that are sent to your smartphone or stored in your online account.

The three cameras are:

Wireless Indoor Camera –   this works with your wireless router and internet connection. You can set it up where you want and it can be attached to the wall or stand on a shelf. You need to set it up to work with your router wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable. The camera is powered by plugging it into the wall socket with an 8 ft power cord.

It can view up to 50ft with infra red sensitivity for viewing at night with a view range of 37.8 degree horizontal and vertical of 54 degrees. It has a fixed view, so can only look in one direction. There are a number of options of resolution and compression to get the most out of storage and quality of the video.

Wireless Pan/Tilt Camera – this camera can cost more than the wireless indoor camera but it gives you the ability to see different locations by using the pan and tilt functions that you can control from your smartphone or your account wherever you are with internet access. It works wirelessly with your router and internet connection and is powered by plugging in to the wall socket using a 9ft power cord. For initial set up a Windows PC is required. It can be installed on a shelf or on the wall or ceiling.

When you control the camera you can pan it around to see 350 degrees and tilt it upwards 90 degrees and downwards 35 degrees. This gives you the ability to cover a large area. You can set up to 20 pre-set views. This helps you pan around the room quickly – you could have the front door set as one view or living room sliding door as another etc.

Wireless Outdoor Camera – this camera also works with your router and internet connection. It is weather resistant for outdoor use, although you should avoid putting where it is directly in the rain. As with the other 2 camera it needs to be set up to work with your WiFi. This is fairly straightforward but does require a windows PC. It is powered by the house supply and comes with a 10ft power cord.

It will normally be attached to the overhang of your roof with the screws provided and you then need to be able to plug into a power supply, so may need some more DIY skills than required with the other components of the system to be able to plug it in.
It can see in the dark and has an effective range of 40 feet and a range of view of 77 degrees horizontal and 54 degrees vertical so it important to locate it where it can give you the best coverage when it senses movement or you want to check up on a noise you heard outside.

Video Storage

Video is stored on Frontpoint’s servers and is password protected so you are the only person with access to video files stored there. You can store up to 50mb of video (or approximately 90 minutes) on their servers and upload up to 500 mb of video per month as part of the ultimate plan.  Lower resolution video is advised for storing videos, to maximize the amount of video you can store.

If you need more storage or cameras they will work with you to increase from the amount you can have with the ultimate plan.


The control panel houses the internal alarm and it is 100 decibels loud and will sound 4 minutes unless turned off earlier .This is loud enough to give the intruder a scare (and hopefully see then off) and notify people within the house. However, it is unlikely that your neighbors will hear the alarm ringing.

You can add an external alarm to the system to alert your neighbors to an issue, however, Frontpoint itself does not have one listed on their site but they will advise you on your choices and help you to install it.


The different levels of monitoring give you different types of notification. With Protection Monitoring you will get a call from the monitoring center to let you know there has been an event at your home.

Interactive monitoring and ultimate monitoring give you the ability to know what is going on at home by receiving notifications by email, text or phone call.

The control panel notifies the monitoring center over the cellular network. When you enroll in a monitoring plan support will discuss with you which of the three cellular networks they use that gives you the best coverage – the choices are AT & T, Verizon or T-mobile.

Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System Remote Monitoring

There are 3 levels of monitoring offered by Frontpoint security:

Protection Monitoring – This gives you monitoring around the clock by the professional monitoring center Rapid Response. They monitor the environmental sensors (if you have the sensors), intrusion sensors and medical alerts. You should set up at least 2 people to be contacted by the monitoring center if there is an incident but there is no maximum to the number of people that can be added.

Interactive Monitoring  – This includes the protection monitoring plus the ability to interact with your system using your smartphone or computer. You can receive notifications by phone, text or email.  You download an App to access the functionality and you can have as many devices as you like access the interactive functions.

You can program, arm and disarm the system remotely. This is handy if you have someone coming to your home as you can disarm the system remotely or arm it when the leave. You can set it up that you get notifications when a door is opened even when the system is armed – if you have a window/door contact on your liquor cabinet you will know when it’s accessed.

You can know that your children have got home safely from school if you are at work by them disarming the alarm when they get home with their personal pin code or remote.  It gives you a lot of flexibility to know what going on at home when you are not there and control it too. If you have the wireless light control you can turn your lights on and off to give the illusion that someone is home.

To be able to remotely monitor you download a free App for your phone it can be an Apple, Android, Windows or blackberry. With this app you can check the status of your alarm, arm or disarm the system, look at the history of events, receive notifications by email or text to let you know if a sensor has been triggered even when system is not armed.

Ultimate Monitoring  – This gives you everything you get with the interactive plan. In addition you can control your locks and temperature when you have these devices added to the system.  You can also see what is happening if you have installed the wireless cameras.

Being able to control Z-wave locks means you can open the door when you want to let someone in and lock the door after they have left from anywhere in the world you have internet access – even from a café in Paris if you want or from your office at work.

You can sign up for Geo Services which gives you the option to have the system monitor where you are and set up specific notifications to remind you to turn your alarm system when you leave your home and forget to turn it on. If you are forgetful this is better than tying string to your thumb.

The third party monitoring is not performed by Frontpoint. The monitoring is done through who manages the interactive service and they pass the notifications on to Rapid Response who assess the situation and take the appropriate action. This is the same company that NYC uses to monitor commercial fire alarms.

However, if you don’t want monitoring there is no requirement to take it and you will have a local alarm only. If this is what you want you may want to look at another system that can give you the protection like the Fortress S02-B (you can self-monitor over a land-line or VOIP), or if you want the home automation features a system like SmartThings (needs an internet connection to work) is one to consider.


The sensors and remote are batter powered. The control panel is plugged in to the house supply and has a battery backup to cover any power outages.

The control panel battery backup is a DJW-1.2(6V1.2AH) battery that gives 24 hour backup in the event of a power outage. A replacement for this battery is available on Amazon. Replacement of the battery is straightforward and there is a good YouTube video that shows you exactly how to do it.

The motion sensor is powered by 2 AA batteries that should last from 2 to 4 years.

The Door/window contacts use a CR2032 lithium button-style battery. It is expected to last at least 5 years.
The remote control comes with one A23 12V battery that is expected to last between 5 to 8 years.

Changing the batteries is straightforward and involves clicking open the sensors. The batteries in the sensors are readily available and can be found in most places that sell batteries. The control panel will let you know when then batteries are getting low and the number of the sensor that needs it’s battery to be replaced.


The motion sensors are PIR and detect movement by seeing changes in infra red radiation. You get one sensor with the standard package. It has an effective range of 35 feet and a horizontal field of vision of 90 degrees giving the ability to cover a room of up to 1000 square feet. The sensors are pet friendly for pets under 40 lbs so they should not trigger an alarm when the system is armed.
They are installed by using the double back taped supplied and can be installed to cover a large room by placing in a corner. Or you can install outside the bedrooms to cover the area leading up to them to give you an alert when someone is approaching the bedrooms. When there is a break in during the day most burglars head for the master bedroom first looking for money and valuables to steal.

Door/Window Contacts

The standard package comes with 2 door/window contacts. These are the standard type of sensors that come in two parts – a magnet and sensor. The parts are installed on the window/door and the frame using double back tape. You can use these devices on all types of windows and doors as when they are opened the connection between the two parts is broken after they are more than ¾ inch apart and the sensor is triggered.

As well as entry points these can be useful for monitoring medicine cabinets, gun safes and liquor cabinets. With interactive monitoring you can be notified when they are accessed even when the system is not armed.

The system comes with a chiming function so you can hear when one of the contacts has opened even when the system is not armed with any of the monitoring plans. Or if you prefer you can set it up so the system speaks to you to let you know that a door or window has been opened.

Panic Button/Duress Codes

A panic button is used to send an immediate alert out that there is an emergency. The control panel has 3 buttons to press depending on the nature of the emergency – to call the police, fire or medical emergency services. These can be dispatched immediately by the monitoring service once they have assessed the situation.

To activate the panic alarm on the remote control you press the lock and unlock button together for 3 seconds. This gets around the problem of activating it by mistake.

When setting your system up with the monitoring center you can set up duress codes that will let them know if you are being forced by an intruder to disarm your system. This turns the siren off but lets the monitoring center know you are in trouble so they immediately dispatch the police to your home.

Setting The Alarm

There are 3 ways you can set the alarm:

1.    Control panel – to set the alarm you press the motion buttons or window/doors button. To disarm you enter the master code or user code followed by the disarm button

2.    Keychain remote – you can arm and disarm within wireless range of the control panel before you enter your home

3.    Smartphone app – this gives you the ability to arm and disarm your system remotely from wherever you can access the internet.

There are 2 armed statuses – stay and away. With the stay status the window/door contacts and glass break sensors are armed but the motion sensors are not, so you can walk around your home without triggering an alarm. The away status is for when no-one will be at home and all the sensors are armed.

The environmental sensors are always active whether the system is armed or disarmed as these protect you  from issues such as fire, CO2 and flood. When triggered they send an instant notification to the monitoring center, to your phone (a call or text depending on your plan) and sound the alarm.

Control panel

The control panel is the GE Simon XT with a cellular module. It can communicate with up to 39 sensors and communicate with the monitoring center over a cellular network.

There is one master pass code that can be used for programming and disarming the system and for setting up to 8 user codes.

The user codes can be used to disarm the system. These can be good for your children and also for any temporary access you may want to grant someone. With interactive monitoring you can have a notification sent to you to let you know the system has been disarmed and whose user code was used.

In addition to this there is a code you use when the alarm is triggered to tell the monitoring center to let them know they are speaking to an authorized person.

The control panel houses the internal alarm which can be adjusted in loudness.

The control panel speaks to you to let you know the status of the system and confirm your actions. It has a 212 word vocabulary.

Most people find the voice pleasant but you can adjust the loudness if you find it grates on you at any time. The panel lets you know when there has been an event and by pressing the status button you can listen to the message as well as know the battery status of the sensors and if there are any other problems with sensors not working.

On the front of the control panel there is a small LCD panel and keypad that is backlit that makes it easy to see when you are setting and programming the alarm.  This is where you can program the system and arm/disarm the system when you don’t have the interactive or ultimate plan. It also keeps a record of recent events that you can access. The buttons and there functions can be seen and are clearly described in the user guide.

It is not the best looking control panel available but it gets the job done.

The control panel does have the capability of 2 way communication with a monitoring center however this capability is not used by Frontpoint.


When you have the armed the alarm you have a 60 second time frame to leave before the system is activated. When you enter you there is 30 second delay before the alarm is sounded and a notification sent out. These timeframes can be extended and during this time the system is set to beep to remind you to leave or disarm the system if you have just arrived. This beeping function may be turned off.

What protection is there to stop it being disarmed by a criminal

There are 2 features that are included with the system that can help in ensuring a criminal does not deactivate the system before a notification is sent out.

The first is that it communicates over the cellular network to the monitoring center. This avoids the problem of land line communication where the connection can be cut off by simply cutting the cable outside the home.

The second is the crash and smash feature that is only available with the interactive and ultimate plans. With these plans, when the system is armed the system sends a signal to the monitoring center when a sensor is triggered. The center is then on alert waiting for the system to be disarmed within the delay time. If this does not happen within the time the center starts the process of assessing the event and dispatching emergency services as required.


The sensors need to be installed within 100 feet of the control panel. This coverage is going to okay for most average sized homes. The range can be affected by the composition of the walls. If you need more coverage you can buy repeaters separately after you have your system to extend the wireless range by another 100 ft.

Wireless or Wired

This is a wireless system. The GE Simon XT control panel uses 319.5 MHz frequency to communicate with the sensors. The control panel communicates with the monitoring center over the cellular network.

There are number of advantages with a wireless system. Installation is easier and can be done by the homeowner as there is no need to run wire through the walls. The sensors are battery powered so can be placed easily in the best spot and with this system you use double back tape to mount so there is no need for drilling in to the walls. This can make them an ideal solution for renters too as little damage is done to the dwelling. The other feature that is useful for renters or people who want to move soon is that the system can be taken with you. To read more on wireless systems see my post here.


You can have up to a maximum of 39 sensors. You have one sensor or device per zone.  The sensors all come pre-numbered with the zone they have been assigned to. There is a sheet included in the quick start manual that you can use to note down where you have placed each sensor.

When you go on to your online account you can rename the sensors to the location so when you receive notification of sensors being triggered you know which one has been triggered. This renaming of sensors shows up on your smartphone app and your online account but only the number of the zone/sensor shows on the control panel.


Control Panel – 2.2 by 5.7 by 7.0 inches

Motion Sensor – 3.0 by 2.5 by 2.0 inches

Door and window contacts – 1.75 by 0.8 by 0.5 inches

Keychain remote – 1.4 by 2.3 by 0.4 by inches


The Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System Standard Pack includes the following components:
1 Control Panel with cellular link – this is the GE Simon XT with a cellular link. You can add up to 39 sensors.

1 Motion Sensor – this PIR sensor that detects movement by seeing changes in infra red light. It has effective range of up to 35 feet at a 90 degree angle to cover a 30 by 35 ft room.

2 Door and window sensors – these come in two parts – a sensor and a magnet. One part is placed on the door or window and the other part on the frame. When the door or window is opened the sensor is triggered.

1 Keychain remote – small device that fits in your pocket or on your keychain that you can use to arm and disarm your system remotely from a distance of

Yard Sign and decals

Hardware to install equipment


There are a wide range of security, environmental sensors and home automation devices that can be added to work with the system. The Z-wave (a wireless protocol standard) compatibility of the system allows you to add Z-wave home automation devices from other manufacturers.

If you phone Frontpoint they will talk you through your security needs and help you customize the protection of your home in line with your needs and budget. It seems they do this in a no pressure way and they don’t come across like they are trying to sell you instead they listen and advise you.

The following devices available on their site

Glass Break Sensor – detect the sound of breaking glass up to 20 feet away. They are designed to be used in rooms with lots of windows, or where there are large windows or glass doors.

Touch Screen Pad – this has a 3.5 inch LCD screen and can be used to program, set and disarm your system. You can it place it in another room and/or near another entrance. It is Z-wave compatible for controlling home automation devices.

Talking Remote Touch Pad – this gives you an additional device to arm, disarm and check status of your system. You can install in another room like a bedroom and/or near an entry point. It talks back to you to confirm an action and gives verbal update of system status.

Smoke and Heat Sensor – detects smoke or rapid increases in air temperature and sends an alert to the control panel. The control panel sends a signal to the monitoring center to dispatch the fire department.

Wireless Light Control – a home automation device you plug into a power outlet so you can turn lights on and off remotely to make it look like you are at home. You can use it to schedule when lights come on and go off or when a sensor is triggered.

Wireless Pan/Tilt Camera –is available with the ultimate monitoring plan. You can pan and tilt camera to see different locations in your home remotely. It will send video clips to you when it detects motion.

Wireless Indoor Camera  – can be used with the ultimate monitoring plan. You can get a live feed with your smartphone. When it detects motion it records a video clip and sends a notification to your smartphone so you can see what is going on.

Outdoor Wireless Camera – this helps you to keep an eye on your property outside the home. It is available with the ultimate monitoring plan. As with the other cameras you can watch a live stream to see what is happening and it will send video clips when it senses movement.

Frontpoint do not offer a siren in addition to the one included within the control panel but you can add other party sirens and Frontpoint will advise on the best sirens to work with the system. They will help you to install it.

Water-Flood Sensor – detects the presence of water to give an early warning to give time to prevent flooding.  It is placed where there is a risk of flooding such as in the laundry, basement, an attic or near plumbing.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor – detects the presence of dangerous gas and will notify the monitoring centre and sound the alarm when dangerous levels are detected.

Freeze Sensor –detects when temperature drops below 41 degrees Fahrenheit to give you a warning before your pipes freeze.

Panic Pendant – a small device that fits in pocket or can be worn around your neck. When the button is pressed it instantly sends notification to monitoring center and to sound the alarm.

Recessed Door Sensor – these have the same function as the window/door contact. These can be installed inside the door and frame to hide from view. They do require some more installation with drilling of the door/frame required to provide space for the sensor to be installed out of sight.

Garage Door Sensor – is for use on overhead garage doors and is triggered when the door moves through a 45 degree angle.


System is fully portable

Up to 20% discount on home owners and renters insurance

Easy and quick installation

It is Z-wave compatible making it easier to add home automation features such as locks, lights and thermostats

Can monitor from your smartphone with the interactive and ultimate plans

Can add cameras to the system to keep an eye on what is happening at home

100% wireless – no need to run wire through your walls

Don’t need a dedicated phone line

Great customer support

30 day money back guarantee

2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Installation hardware included for all sensors and control panel

Uses own cellular plan so no need add one to your plan

Up to 8 separate pins for friends and family

Great response times from monitoring service

Can arm the alarm in stay or away modes

No internet connection needed to install or monitor system


Need to sign a contract for monitoring of 1 or 3 years to be able to unlock interactive monitoring

If you cancel your contract you are required to pay 80% of the outstanding contract

Limited to 39 security and home automation devices in total – probably fine for most installations but you may find restrictive as you get into more home automation devices.

The standard package only comes with 3 sensors and 1 remote so plan on spending more when looking to protect your home fully.

Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System Consumer Ratings

There are a lot of customer reviews online and I have read through a lot of them. Just about all of them are positive about the equipment and the monitoring service. Where there have been negative reviews the company appears to take these seriously and seek to resolve the issue for the customer and future ones if appropriate.

Considering the reputation the industry for professional home security systems it is very good to see that this company is doing to provide a quality service in helping people protect their home, valuables and family rather than adding to the stress.

The reviews talk about how good the sales process with the company not using any pressure tactics or sneaky fees and after the sale the company gives good levels of support in helping to install the equipment and in sorting out any issues that may arise later.

It appears they also don’t ring you to try and convince you to buy more sensors after you have bought the equipment.

Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System Price

The price of the equipment on Amazon for the standard package and light package is the same as offered by Frontpoint when I checked (currently not offered). Also both offer free shipping for delivery within 2 to 5 days at the time too.

If you take up the option of a 1 year monitoring contract they may give you a rebate on the equipment and a larger rebate on the equipment for a 3 year contract.

The GE Equipment is not the cheapest security system equipment on the market but it is seen as among the best and most reliable security devices available. It has a proven track record.

The advantage of ordering through Amazon is they have a great reputation for customer service to rely on if you have any issues, and you may still qualify for the discount if you take up a 3 year contract (not always offered on Amazon). You can see if still available at Amazon here: Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System

With ordering through Frontpoint you can customize the system to have the devices you want to protect your home and they will all work together out of the box.


This system is suitable for people who want a monitored system and can commit themselves for 3 years to get the best price on the equipment. There is little sales hassle from the company making protecting your home as stress free as it can be.

There are cheaper monitoring deals available but you do take the risk that the service won’t be as good. All the costs of the equipment and monitoring fees are explained up front and there are no hidden fees. The only issue is if you want to cancel your monitoring part way through the contract length you have to pay 80% of the outstanding value.

If you don’t like being tied in for 3 years you can sign up for a 1 year monitoring contract but you won’t get as good a deal on the equipment. Or if you want monitoring but only want to pay for it by the month without a long term contract then you might want to check out Simplisafe. You pay for this on a month by month basis and can cancel at any time.

The interactive monitoring plan gives you the security of around the clock third party monitoring and the ability to remotely self-monitor with your smartphone to know what is happening at home from anywhere you have internet access.

Frontpoint offer a quality product and a monitoring service that is easy to set up that can give you peace of mind and let you know what is going on from anywhere in world you have access to the internet. With it being a wireless system it means it can be installed without drilling into the walls and it is portable. This makes it a good solution for renters as well as home owners.

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